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Dr. Sivaprasad setting Erybium Yag laser for skin resurfacing.

Dr.Sivaprasad. Consultant Dermatologist. Member EAD&V





For resistant cases of vitiligo. Grafting is done with mechanically split skin (bullae split graft) or Keratinocyste-melanocyte broth or cultured melanocytes. The type of the procedure depends on the site of lesion and type of skin. Split skin graft and cultured melanocytes gives excellent cosmetic result even in face. 


SCAR CORRECTION. Scars from acne, chickenpox, wound, burn contractures, injuries of the face are commonly corrected with appropriate procedures. The depressed or elevated can be corrected by punch excision, punch elevation, dermabrasion and laser assisted surgeries.


PUVA THERAPY. Patients are exposed to this UV light in a chamber with or without oral medicines for clearing up of resistant skin conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo, hair loss (both patchy and diffused), atopic dermatitis and various other skin condition.


DERMABRASION : Using a controlled micro dermaberator the skin surface is removed layer by layer until the desired texture and smoothness is attained. It is the treatment of choice in conditions like wrinkles, smoothening acne, chicken pox scars and facial peeling. No general anesthesia is required and the healing period is brief.


Laser. Laser facial resurfacing using ErybiumYag Laser. In fractional Laser treatment thousands of laser microscopic beams are targeted to to a small area of skin at a time. We uses both Er Yag and CO2 laser according to the need.


Laser hair removal using Diode laser, which allows faster hair removal of face and body. As the diode laser have deeper penetration, we have better result especially in Asian Skin


Pulsed-dye laser treatment for port-wine birthmarks, scars, and stretch marks 


Removal of benign and pre-malignant epidermal lesions 


Laser treatment of spider-vein and other Vascular Lesions and Pigmented lesion Also removal of age spots and certain types of birthmarks.


Laser removal of tattoos .

SMARTLIPO. For excessive fat deposition on chin, cheeks, arms, abdomen, buttock and thighs. Liposuction enables to have the shape which the patient dream about, without the hassle of diet and exercise. SmartLipo small 1mm to 2mm cannula containing laser fiber is inserted bellow skin to the area needed. Laser energy causes rupture of the fat cells. Elimination of only fatty acids while substances like intracellular structures and dense cellular structure rich in collagen is left untouched leaving the skin smooth and regular. The melted fat is sucked out through another cannula.


CRYOSURGERY. Cryosurgery have been developed using Liquid nitrogen (at a temp of - 175.6c) in treatment of warts of hands and feet, warts on other areas of body, skin tags, senile keratosis, comedones, angiomas, keloids and hypertrophic scars. Its advantages over other surgical techniques include little or no pain, avoiding the need for anesthesia and dressing. Excellent cosmetic results with less scaring.  


ELECTRIC CAUTERY. For treatment of warts, papillomas, skin tags, seborrheic keratosis and skin growths. Destruction and removal of all these disfiguring skin conditions using Conmed Hyfercator.

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